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In Search of Some Toys

Hello CP Smith families…

We’ve had a request to try and round up some gently used toys for ages 5-7.  Interactive toys like legos, board games, card games / decks of cards, little cars, books, puzzles…things like that.  Only safe toys please, no weapons!  If you have any you’d like to donate you can leave them at the front desk and tag them for Christine Armstrong.

Thank you!



Spring Fling Family Fun Night…Help Wanted!!

Hi Smith Families,

We are going to need a few extra pairs of hands at the Spring Fling dance next week.  To sign up for a shift follow this link to Sign Up Genius, or email Abby Ribout at Abbyribout@gmail.com.  You will not have to man the station the whole time, there will be enough of us to trade off.

Here are the particulars:

Friday March 18th, 2016  for the CP Smith Spring Fling Family Fun Night/Dance!
There will be music, dancing, face painting, arts and crafts!

Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Entry fee: $3 adults, $2 child, $10 max family

No need to have dinner beforehand.  There will be food and drinks for sale ranging from $.50-$1
(lemonade, pizza, popcorn, popsicles and baked goods).

Guaranteed fun for the whole family!!  See you there!

Correction: CP Smith Sprinklers Are Working

Hi again,

We have an update from the local fire marshall letting us know that the sprinklers are working.  Toilets and sinks are still not operable.

No Water Today at CP Smith School

Good morning,

So, it looks like there is a water main break right in front of CP Smith School.  That means there is no water going to the building at all, no toilets, no sinks.  The local fire marshall stated that the sprinkler system is functioning and they are aware of the situation.  The district has responded by putting porta-potties outside of the school, providing wet wipes and hand sanitizer, and delivering bottled drinking water.

I spoke to the district office and they explained that while they know this situation is not ideal, they believe it to be manageable.  They are, as always, extremely hesitant to cancel school knowing that many children are counting on school for food and as a stable environment.

The district representative to whom I spoke was clear that if any of us are uncomfortable with the situation, it is completely reasonable to pull your children from school for the day.  They will get a message to us tonight about the situation tomorrow.

Welcome Back CP Smith Families!!

Welcome back everybody!  CP Smith is hopping again!  What a pleasure to see so many new and familiar faces.

Let’s kick off the new year right! Come join us this Friday night for our CP Smith Welcome Back Picnic!  It will be held in the school yard from 5-7:00 PM.  The PTO will provide hotdogs, hamburgers, drinks and dessert.  If you can, please bring a dish to share. There will be music and fun, and lots of great people!

If you are able to help at this event, we could sure use it!  To sign up to help set up, serve food, help with games, or clean up, volunteer by following this link:


Looking forward to seeing you all there!

What Can We Do to Get Paraeducators in the Kindergarten Classrooms?

Hi Smith families!

Quick news flash:  As many of you know, when the Burlington School District budget was turned down by voters in 2014 many cuts were made, including cutting out paraeducators in the Kindergarten classrooms.

This coming year, BSD is planning for fairly large K class sizes (20-22 students) across the district with no paraeducators assigned to assist. Given these class sizes, our district’s particular needs, and the fact that academic demands on kindergarten students are greater than ever before,  some parents and teachers have presented to the district that assistance in K classrooms is essential to the safety and well-being of incoming students and to the ability of the district to meet its academic and social goals.

Administrators and board members concede there is a need, and have requested input from the community to better gauge the importance of this issue.  Though the parents, teachers, board, and administrators are cooperating, finding a satisfactory solution is challenging given our financial parameters, but not impossible.  It will require a committment and some concentrated effort.

To contribute to this conversation visit “Advocates for Kindergarten Paraeducators in BSD” on Facebook.  (Join the group to read posts and contribute.)

Attend a school board meeting (I know, sounds like a big drag, but it’s really not that bad.  You don’t have to stay for the whole thing.)  There is a Board Curriculum Committee meeting July 7 at the district office on Colchester Ave. and a full board meeting at which this topic will be discussed on July 14 at Contois Auditorium at City Hall.  Both meetings 7-9 PM.

And/or email Burlington School Board members to let them know your feelings on this issue. Email addresses below.

Mark Porter, Ward 1,     mporter@bsdvt.org
Liz Curry, Ward 3,     lcurry@bsdvt.org
Mark Barlow, North District     mbarlow@bsdvt.org
Lauren Berrizbeitia, Ward 8     lberrizbe@bsdvt.org
Brian Cina, Central District     bcina@bsdvt.org
Kyle Dodson, East District     kdodson@bsdvt.org
Susanmarie Harrington, Ward 5     sharringt@bsdvt.org
Anne Judson, Ward 4     ajudson@bsdvt.org
David Kirk, Ward 7     dkirk@bsdvt.org
Kat Kleman, Ward 2     kkleman@bsdvt.org
Stephanie Seguino, Ward 6     sseguino@bsdvt.org
Miriam Stoll, South District     mstoll@bsdvt.org

Thanks everyone!  Happy summer!

Free Lunch at Burlington Schools This Summer!

Click here for details:

2015 Summer Meal Sites_061115

and enjoy!