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Smith Smackeroos Coming at You!!


Hi Smith families,

Remember last year’s wildly successful Smith Smackeroo cash raffle?  In which we gave away $1200 in cash prizes and earned a $3500 profit for CP Smith school? Right!  Well, it’s been a great year using those funds we earned through Smith Smackeroos for things like: field trips, classroom supplies, science education, visiting authors.

Help us achieve our goal this year! 2016 Smith Smackeroo tickets are being distributed to students this week. Tickets sell for $10 each, 6 for $50, or 13 for $100.  To reach our goal this year of $7500 profit, we need to sell $8700 in tickets, which boils down to approximately 3 tickets per student.

3 Tickets per student?!  We can do that! It shouldn’t be hard because the prizes are so great!  We will be awarding 15 cash prizes:

April 3-April 7     $25 daily

April 10-April 14             $50 daily

April 17-April 20          $100 daily

April 21   Grand Prize  $500!!!

Exciting right?!

Students will also receive prizes!  Every student who sells $100 or more in tickets will receive a free movie pass from Merrill’s Roxy Cinema!  The top seller in each grade will choose from prizes like passes to Get Air, Metro Rock, Petra Cliffs, and Leonardo’s pizza!  each time a cash prize winner is drawn the student who sold the ticket will receive a free ice cream cone from the Bagel Cafe!

Thanks in advance for reaching out to friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and anyone you know who loves the chance to win big money and help the school at the same time. Together lets make this the most successful CP Smith fundraiser ever!

If you have any questions or need more tickets, email us at cpsmithpto@gmail.com.

Go Team CP Smith!!


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