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We meet the 2nd Monday of every month at 5:30pm. Childcare is provided.

Bottle Drive Saturday At Your House!!

Hi all,

The BHS Junior Varsity Field Hockey Team needs your help.  They are going door to door on the New North End this Saturday between 9:00 and 12:00 to collect returnable bottles.

Can you set some aside for them?

Thanks a million!

Informational Meeting About Teacher Negotiations Tomorrow!


Last post today, I promise!

So, it’s great that the board and teachers have agreed to return to the table, but there is still a long way to go.  School Board members Anne Judson and Susanmarie Harrington are holding an informational meeting tomorrow, Thursday September 29, from 5:00 to 6:00 PM at JJ Flynn.  They will be able to explain what items are up for negotiation and answer any questions you may have about the process.

See you there!

Smith Times September 28, 2016

Hey all!


Check out this week’s Smith Times!  There are some nice pics in there!


Cautious Yay! BSD and BEA will Return to Negotiations!

This press release was just distributed.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 28, 2016

Media Contact: Mark Porter Chair

Burlington Board of School Commissioners

Contract Negotiations Status

Burlington, Vermont —The Board would like to thank community members who reached out to us and to the BEA to urge both parties to re-engage in discussions regarding the teacher contract. Yesterday, the BEA contacted the Board’s negotiating team to extend an invitation to take part in such talks, and last night, we met to discuss this offer. As part of the negotiation process, the two parties engaged the services of an experienced mediator, Ira Lobel, who has developed positive relationships with both parties. He also has an understanding of the areas of commonality and difference that exist, as well as the budget parameters that the District faces. Today, the Board contacted the BEA to indicate a willingness to engage in additional discussions with the Union, should the mediator support this move and believe that meaningful progress is possible. In order not to create false expectations, the Board also reiterates that it committed all available funding when they enacted the employment policy, based on the budget approved by voters in March. The Board is in a position to engage in discussions, with the understanding that neither budget cuts nor deficit spending are feasible options.

“The Board and the BEA share the goal of ensuring that teachers are compensated fairly and comparably with neighboring districts and both parties are also committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of Burlington’s children for this year and beyond,” stated Board Chair Mark Porter. “The Board looks forward to building on these shared goals and finding common ground that will allow the Board, the Union, and our community to move forward.” In that spirit, last week, the Board contacted the BEA to begin negotiating the next contract.

# # #

Can We Avoid a Strike?

Hi Smith families,

As many of you know, negotiations between Burlington School District (BSD) and Burlington Education Association (BEA)(teacher’s union) broke down last week.  The Burlington School Board voted to impose an “employment policy” on the teachers.  With negotiations closed, the teachers have to choose between accepting the terms to which they have not agreed, or strike and try to bring the board back to the table.

Neither of these outcomes is particularly desirable.

A group of PTO leaders met with two board members on Friday to get more information and discuss the options.  The PTO leaders came to an agreement to work together to avoid a strike and to get this settled as soon as possible.

Below you will see a petition that was distributed to BSD School Board members, BEA officers, and the Burlington Free Press.  It is our hope that this public pressure will provide the impetus to bring the two parties back to the table and that they can lay aside differences and  focus on a positive outcome.

To contribute to this cause, please email or call your ward representatives who are listed at the bottom of this page.  Please use the tagline “Avoid a Strike”.  And please be positive.  It has been a difficult and arduous process already and we all have to work together in the coming months to make possible an adequate budget for the coming year.



To Burlington School District Commissioners and Burlington Education Association,

We, representatives of PTO communities throughout the city of Burlington, believe that both the BSD Commissioners and the BEA share the same ultimate goal, to serve the community and to provide for the children and families of this school district.  We believe that, keeping this aspiration in mind, together you will be able to come to a resolution.

We urge you both to return to the table and reopen negotiations for the 2016-17 school year as soon as possible.


Karen Ruben  and Sue Chayer on behalf of the CP Smith

Kate Lasko   IAA PTO

Susan Cline Lucey, SA

Mike Fisher, on behalf of the Champlain PTO

Paula Henry, HMS PTO

Rachel Shelley, Leigh Fisher, Hollie Foley EES PTO

Christine Thomas-DeMeritt   JJ Flynn PTO

Clare Wool   EMS PTO

Bethany Whittaker  BHS Academic & Athletics  Boosters Parent Leaders

BSD School Board Members and Contact Info

Mark Porter    Ward 1 and Board Chair    mporter@bsdvt.org

Kat Kleman    Ward 2   IAA      kkleman@bsdvt.org

Liz Curry   Ward 3    SA          lcurry@bsdvt.org

Anne Judson   Ward 4   Flynn   ajudson@bsdvt.org

Susanmarie Harrington  Ward 5  Champlain  sharrington@bsdvt.org

Stephanie Seguino   Ward 6  EMS and Champlain  sseguino@bsdvt.org

David Kirk    Ward 7   HMS and CP Smith   dkirk@bsdvt.org

Lauren Berrizbeitia   Ward 8    EES    lberrizbeitia@bsdvt.org

Brian Cina     District Central   IAA and SA      bcina@bsdvt.org

Kathy Olwell   District East     EES and EMS  kolwell@bsdvt.org

Mark Barlow   District North   Flynn, HMS, and Smith  mbarlow@bsdvt.org

Miriam Stoll    District South   Champlain     mstoll@bsdvt.org


Smith Times September 21, 2016

Hello Smith families!

Check out the Smith Times by clicking on the link below.  It includes pictures from school and a calendar with all upcoming field trips and events.


Buy Groceries, Earn Us a $1000!!!

Hi Smith Families,
The grocery shopping you do every week could earn big bucks for CP Smith School!
All you have to do is buy four items marked with the “Hannafords Helps Schools” red schoolhouse label in a single transaction.  You will then be given a “Hannafords Helps Schools” receipt at checkout which you put into the kiosk by the Hannafords exit, in the slot designated for CP Smith School.
For each of these purchases our school will earn $3.00.  If we collect more money than the other area schools we get an additional $1000!!
That’s right.  I said $1000!!!!
Hannafords offers over 1600 products in the program.  And most of them are things that you already buy.  My family likes the Food Should Taste Good chips.  I normally buy two bags at a time but during the Hannafords Helps Schools promotion I buy them 4 at a time.  Each time I do this I earn $3.00 for CP Smith.
Click here for a shorter list of all the brands included.  Brands like: Crest, King Arthur, Annie’s, Taste of Inspirations, Bounty, Tampax, Tom’s of Maine, Clorox, Chobani, Jif, Starbucks, Nature’s Place, and many more.
The program runs through December 3.
Thanks Smith families!!