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We meet the 2nd Monday of every month at 5:30pm. Childcare is provided.

New Construction (Champlain, Edmunds, CP Smith)

Dear CP Smith Families,

Have you heard about the major construction projects planned this summer?

Burlington School District is hoping to break ground on a few major projects that include (3) new roads and (2) new buildings.

In 2017 city voters approved a deferred maintenance bond for $19M to address infrastructure needs.

Some of these voter-approved funds will be used to pave roads through the campuses of (1) Edmunds (2) CP Smith and (3) Champlain. The roads at CP Smith and Champlain are to provide access to new preschool facilities and new district offices (two new buildings).

The Smith plan includes a new preschool building to be located where the K-2 playground equipment is now and an access road and parking lot to be built to the left of the apple orchard which will let out onto Ethan Allen Parkway between the corner of Farrington Parkway and the elementary building.

If you want to know more, click here to see drawings of the plans: 

And here for timelines etc.

BSD’s design plans for CP Smith will be presented at Smith PTO meeting at 6PM on Monday, May 14th in the learning center.   There will be an opportunity to ask Marty Spaulding (BSD Director is Property Services) questions about the Smith project at this time.

Have questions and/or concerns? Contact your school board and city council representatives.

Monika Ivancic
Ward 7 School Board Commissioner

Martine Gulick
Ward 4 School Board Commissioner

Mark Barlow
North District School Board Commissioner

https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/ CityCouncil



Preschool Construction on the CP Smith Campus!

Hi all,

The BSD is planning to begin construction on a new preschool on the Smith campus beginning this June.  The preschool would be located where the K-2 playground is now and it’s adjacent parking lot would be where the swingsets, orchard, and garden are now.  The parking lot would outlet onto Ethan Allen Parkway approx 50 feet from the intersection of Ethan Allen and Farrington Parkways.

This BSD has yet to collect input from stakeholders like CP Smith parents, teachers, and building admin.

For more information and to contribute to a discussion of this project…

Please attend the Wards 4/7 NPA meeting tomorrow night

Wednesday 4/25 at the Miller Center at 6:45 PM

For the agenda to the NPA meeting click here.

For more information about the construction plan click here.

**THERE IS A COMMUNITY INPUT FORM** located at the bottom of this page.
If you have concerns please voice your opinions using that form or on FPF, or you can email the superintendent at superintendent@bsdvt.org and Marty Spaulding at mspauldi@bsdvt.org.

To email your school board members get the info here.

Champlain Elementary and Edmunds Elementary had similar projects planned that were recently put on hold because of community input.  CP Smith construction is still scheduled.



More Smackeroo Winners!!

Hey all,

The most recent Smackeroo winners are as follows:

Friday      4/13       Jeanne Bailey   $50

Monday  4/16        Jen Quavelin     $100

Tuesday  4/17       Scott Benoit       $100

Watch this Friday for the $500 Grand Prize winner!!!

Smackeroo Winners!!

Hey all!  I almost forgot to tell you about last week’s $50 cash prize winners!

Monday             Sue Van Der Vliet

Tuesday            Marilyn Allard

Wednesday      Sid and Mary White

Thursday         Ruth Meserole

Congratulations winners!!  Now for the really exciting part!  Next week’s cash prizes are 4 $100 prizes and the grand prize of $500!!  Good luck everyone!!

Smackeroo Winners!!

One week of cash prize giveaways down, two more fun filled weeks to go!

This week five $25 prizes were given out!! The winners were:

Monday: Dan Mariani

Tuesday: Mike Mitchell

Wednesday: Kristen Krouse

Thursday: Paul cummings

Friday: Chloe Mantel

Next week all prizes are $50, the following week $100, and the GRAND PRIZE of $500 will be given on Friday April 20th!! 

Student prizes like tickets for two to Get Air, Roxy Cinema, Metro Rock, Pizza Putt, Petra Cliffs, and Spare Time Bowling will be given on the 20th as well.

Good luck everyone!!

Smackeroo Winners 4/4 and 4/5

Smackeroo prizes are flying out the door!!

Wednesday’s winner of $25 is Kristen Krouse!

Thursday’s is Paul Cummings!

Congratulations winners!!

Please make sure all tickets and money are turned in to the main office!  Thanks everyone!

And the Smackeroo Winners Are….

Ok, we have our first winners!!  They are…

April 2    Dan Mariani   $25

April 3   Mike Mitchell  $25

It’s not too late to buy a ticket if you haven’t already!!

Please turn in any sold tickets and money to the main office ASAP!!

Good luck tomorrow!!