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Hours & Info

We meet the 2nd Monday of every month at 5:30pm. Childcare is provided.

The Coin Clash is Coming!

Coin Clash FB graphic

Hello everyone!  Have you checked your student’s folder?  This week they should have brought home a flyer about our upcoming Coin Clash, which is happening all next week.  This is a game where coins are worth points, and your student is playing against the other classes in their wing of the school.  So if you’ve got coins lying around, they’ll probably be asking for them soon!  Pennies bring a class’s score up, while nickels, dimes, and quarters bring it down.  Students can put coins into the containers for ANY classes in their wing.

Read more about the Coin Clash by following this link!


Please Support Mrs. Young’s GoFundMe

Hello CP Smith family!  As you may have heard, Mrs. Young, one of our second grade teachers, had her baby early.  Elliott is having a rough start to life and Mrs. Young is on an extended leave to be with him.  Medical bills can rack up very quickly, so if you are able to donate to her GoFundMe campaign, I know it will be very appreciated.  You can read more about Elliott and donate here:


PTO Officer Vacancy

Hello again!  Here’s the information I promised about the open PTO Officer position.

We have a new President this year (Shy Lalumiere* – that’s me!), but we are still in need of a Vice President.  The Vice President helps to oversee PTO happenings & steps in for the President when necessary.  The VP should attend the monthly meetings and have good listening & communication skills.

If you are interested in becoming our new VP, please send us an email at cpsmithpto [at] gmail [dot] com ASAP or come to the PTO Meeting on Monday.  We would love to finalize our officer list next week!

volunteer meme star trek2

*Want to know a little bit about me?  I’ve had kids at CP Smith for the last 6 years and my youngest is now a 2nd grader.  I put together the Yearbook, and run the PTO’s Facebook & Twitter accounts.  I’ve got lots of freckles, am a fan of desserts, and wear flip flops whenever possible.

Upcoming Events – Picnic this Friday!

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I hope you had a fabulous summer!

We’d love to see you at the BBQ Picnic this Friday evening! It starts at 5:30pm near the K-2 playground, and everyone is invited! The PTO is providing the main dishes, drinks, and dessert. Families may bring a dish to share, and chairs or blankets to sit on.  We’ll also have t-shirts for sale so be sure to bring cash or a check if you’d like to purchase one.

Welcome Picnic 2018

And in a week we’ve got the first PTO meeting of the year coming up – on Monday, September 10th at 5:30pm in the library. We would love to see you there! We’ll be discussing upcoming events, hearing new ideas, and we still have a couple officer positions that need filled.  Expect an email about those positions tomorrow!

CP Smith Parent Opportunities Available!!

Dear CP Smith parents,

PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) leadership positions are a great way to put a little love in the world.

Few experiences in my life have been as rewarding as supporting the students, teachers and families of CP Smith school.  I accepted the PTO leadership position four years ago because I thought there were things I could do to make things better, to make things work smoother, to help people get to know each other, to provide opportunities for new experiences, and to make people feel like they were a part of something bigger than themselves.  And I was right.

I didn’t have any special skills or qualifications, I had no idea how to do a lot of things that might need doing, but it didn’t matter.  It turns out PTO is a team sport and there were all these smart talented people (teachers, parents, Tina Desautels!) waiting to help in their own way.

Now its someone else’s turn to love the job of CP Smith School PTO leader! Our fabulous Beth Bahrenburg and Sue Chayer are ready to step down and concentrate on some other things.

Maybe its your turn?  Don’t worry, YOU ARE QUALIFIED!  No experience necessary.  PTO leadership is kind of a management job.  Some people come to you with things they need from the PTO, others come with things they are willing to do for the PTO, sometimes you have to root these people out.  It’s like you just keep the train moving forward while other people hop on and off.

And, if you are considering offering to step into a leadership position, now is an awesome time!  There is already a good team in place. Sue, Beth, and I aren’t going anywhere just yet so you’ll have our support and know how.  We are willing to train or just step out of your way, we are flexible like that!

CP Smith needs you!

To talk more about this pretty cool opportunity, contact Beth Bahrenburg, Sue Chayer, or me, Karen Ruben.

Beth B     vtbethb@gmail.com

Sue           suechayer98@gmail.com

Karen       kmitchell2ruben@yahoo.com    or cell;  315-369-8966

Help the Fletcher free Library get FREE BOOKS!!!

Hi Smith families,

Can you take a second in your busy summer schedules to vote for Burlington in the Soar with Reading contest?  If Burlington wins they get $25,000 in free books from Jet Blue!

It just takes a second.  And if you are so inclined and you want to do it everyday until the end of the month, that would be fabulous!!

Here is the link!


Smith Construction Meeting 6/5 Now at IAA!

The School District meeting to discuss the proposed construction of a preschool building and parking lot in the schoolyard at CP Smith has changed locations.

Meet at the INTEGRATED ARTS ACADEMY, Tuesday June 5, at 6 PM

By the way, the flags in the schoolyard marking where the parking lot and preschool will be were put there by Smith parents to raise awareness.  We will remove them on Wednesday.

Also note, the meeting at IAA will be discussing the proposed construction at both CP Smith and Champlain Elementary.  The plan is also extremely relevant to IAA and SA families as it involves moving the preschool classrooms (that currently exist at both of those schools) out of the Old North End.

Again, if you want more info, click here.

To provide feedback, click here.

To reach New North End School Board members see below.

Monika Ivancic
Ward 7 School Board Commissioner
Martine Gulick
Ward 4 School Board Commissioner
Mark Barlow
North District School Board Commissioner
https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/ CityCouncil